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519 656 805


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Julien QUIRIN, 46 rue de Chambord, 67000 STRASBOURG. Phone: +33 (0)3 69 32 04 25


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2, rue Kellermann



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Site design and music composition by Julien QUIRIN.


This site's contents, including texts, photographs and music, are protected under intellectual property rights*.


Any reproduction of these elements onto a hard drive or any other media support is therefore strictly prohibited.


With respect to the music in particular, the composer only authorizes the automatic and temporary collection of data as a result of the "streaming" broadcast proposed upon request; such data collection is to take place exclusively on this site.


* All paintings depicted on this site lie within the public domain.




The Websites and are the official sites of French composer Julien QUIRIN.


His activity is presented exclusively via these sites.


Any other site or blog open on the Web in the name of Julien QUIRIN would thus be sponsored by a third party and lies outside of the composer's control.


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S.D.R.M. declaration have been recorded under the number 310143.   


French Data Protection and Freedom of Information (CNIL) Law:


No personal and nominative information, other than what is necessary to establish contact, place orders and process invoices, is to be collected.


This site has been declared to the C.N.I.L. authority under the number 1408668.


By virtue of Law No. 78-17 enacted on January 6th, 1978, you are hereby granted the right to consult, modify, correct and delete, as applicable, any of the data held regarding you personally.


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